Remember When Labor Day Meant Noisy Beach Parties???

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Remember When Labor Day Meant Noisy Beach Parties???

cousin brucie images.jpegIt really wasn't all that long ago when you could bring an AM radio to the beach for Labor Day, tune in Cousin Brucie and rock the sand dunes!

(Remember all of those beach party movies? Can anybody name one?

Now, with all of the anti-fun measures that are posted at the beach (no noise, no ball playing, etc.), it's amazing that you can still go in the water and swim (only between the green flags, please!).

Anyway, looks like the 2008 end-of-summer beach look is an iPod or other MP3 player -- but remember keep the sound down so you don't blow out those eardrums! --  so everyone rocks out in silence.

Ah, the living in the modern world ...

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