Roboraptor: The Age of Dinosaurs Returns!

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Roboraptor: The Age of Dinosaurs Returns!

Dinosaurs are back!!!  Scary, very scary!!!!

Actually, it’s just my son playing with the Roboraptor, an advanced fusion of technology, personality and fear. Wth its advanced artificial intelligence personality, realistic biomorphic motions, direct control and autonomous free-roam modes, the 32-inch long Roboraptor is like a creature from the Earth’s distant past.

Here’s what the tech/personality/fear fusion is all about: 

  • Fluid bi-pedal motion -- walking, running and predatory gaits
  • Realistic body movements -- turning head and neck; whipping tail actions
  • Three distinct moods -- hunter, cautious and playful
  • Autonomous environmental interaction -- responds with mood specific behaviors and sounds
  • Mood dependent behavior -- aggressive/hunting mood, nervous/cautious mood and friendly/playful mood
  • Multi-sensory -- touch sensors in his tail, chin and mouth; sonic sensors
  • Infra-red vision system detects objects in his path or approaching him
  • "Laser" tracking technology trace a path on the ground and he’ll follow it
  • Powerful jaws that play tug-of war games, bite and pull
  • Oh! Sounds that are truly frightening

Available at many stores, from Best Buy and The Sharper Image to Wal-mart and Target at an approximate retail price of $119.  (Look for pricing at $99 or so.)

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