Samsung B600 10-Megapixel camera phone

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Samsung B600 10-Megapixel camera phone

Samsung B600 10 Megapixel phoneSamsung B600 10 Megapixel phone launched at CeBIT. The Samsung B600 is an amazing piece of technology. It has more mexapixels than many high-end single-purpose digital cameras and it doubles as a cell phone. Convergence at its best! The Samsuing B600 camera has a 3x optical zoom and 5x digital zoom and they claim for the first time in a mobile phone - an autofocus feature. If you look at the photo you'll notice as it animated that one side the handset looks like a conventional mobile phone while while the other side looks like a digital camera. It also includes support for South Korea's satellite digital broadcasting service (DBS) for receiving digital TV and radio subscriptions. Wonder if they'll add DISH or DirecTV support for the U.S.? Check out an excerpt of the news plus photo courtesy of LetsGodigital:

Samsung introduced a 10 Megapixel camera phone at the CeBIT 2006 in Hannover, Germany. The new Samsung 10 Megapixel mobile phone boasts the highest picture resolution for a camera phone ever made and it even exceeds the resolution of mid-end digital cameras. The Samsung camera phone also has a Bluetooth wireless headset, which can be used as a remote control. "The Samsung 10 Megapixel camera phone belongs to a different level with other camera phones", said Lee Ki-tae, chief of Samsung’s mobile phone business. Samsung was the first company to introduce a camera phone in the world. And we will continue to bring mobile imaging products with more advanced optical technologies.

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