Samsung MM-A700 - TV on your cell phone

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Samsung MM-A700 - TV on your cell phone

The Samsung MM-A700 is one cool cell phone. It's loaded with Sprint PCS's Vision Multimedia Services and a built-in Media Player application. It features a sharp 262,000-color screen, stereo sound, and can play back pre-recorded TV shows at 15fps.

Unfortunately, they don't currently support streaming live TV, though the technology exists today. So you're stuck picking the content the service provider has recorded or if being offered by third parties. Supposedly, Sprint is looking for partners to help offer live TV content.

In any event, after the ga-ga coolness factor wore off, I began to wonder how long it would be before some sort of sick application of Darwinian evolution theory would be applied to drivers who attempt to watch TV on their cell phones while driving. Hey if technology can weed out some population and make my 1.5 hour daily commute to work in the morning a little faster with less cars on the road, then that's another reason for me to love technology! (Just kidding. Kinda. Sorta..)
Read more about the Samsung MM-A700 here:
ZDNet AnchorDesk: TV on cell phones? We'll see.

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