SBC IPTV Offering

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SBC IPTV Offering

SBC Communications announced at CES their plan to go after the cable television industry by offering consumers hundreds of television channels using internet protocol (IP) TV technology over a new broadband fibre-optic network.

In a keynote address at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Edward Whitacre, SBC chief executive, said SBC will begin selling the next generation IPTV service with super high-speed internet access and VoIP services.

Last year, SBC announced plans to spend $4 billion on "Project Lightspeed" which will enable the Baby Bell group to offer "triple play" voice, video and data services to 18 million homes across 13 states by the end of 2007.

Finally, the carriers strike back at the cable companies after sitting on their hands as cable companies stole carriers' customers by offering voice.

Finally, SBC's suite of internet-based services, dubbed U-verse, will be offered, in areas served by its fibre-optic network by the end of this year.

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