Silent Velcro replacement

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Silent Velcro replacement

Ah yes, who doesn't love velcro? With the beauty of velcro, now we don't even have to teach our kids how to tie shoe laces (seems like all kids shoes are velcro now). Yes, velcro makes life so much better and who doesn't love the cool ripping sound? Velcro is the successor to the zipper, but can there be a successor to velcro?

Well, Leonard Duffy managed to come up with “slidingly engaging fasteners” which consists of an interlocking grid of triangular and hexagonal pieces of flexible plastic that not only lasts longer, it can hold up to eight times more.
Slidingly engaging fasteners

Further, traditional velcro gradually Rainbox Sixloses it’s velcro-ness with extended use, but the “slidingly engaging fasteners” lasts much longer, Other advantages include the fact that it won’t snag other materials such as your clothing, and it adheres silently making it a perfect choice for stealthy covert agents, snipers, Rainbox 6 shooters, etc.

As for the technical name which doesn't nearly roll of the tongue like 'Velco', no, he’s not going to change the name to something catchy - it’s "slidingly engaging fasteners", damn it!

Source: Popular Science

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