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Solor Powered Backback

Evan shared this interesting gadget tip with me. Are you "ecologically conscious" or a gadget freak who is tired of carrying a gazillion chargers and batteries in your backpack? Well, then this Juice Bag solar powered backback/gadget might just be for you! In fact, according to their website, everything from "mobile phones to iPods, GPS units to your PSP, Juice Bags charge almost any 12 Volt electronic device anywhere in the world - using only a car charger adapter and the power of the sun." Whoah, now that's cool! The specs (pasted below) say it weighs only 2.5lbs. This indicates to me that there is no battery backup on-board the backpack for when the sun goes down, or else it would weigh a heck of lot more (batteries currently use metals that are very heavy). So room for improvement - stick a relatively small rechargeable battery on-board that also gets juiced up during daylight and use that to charge any small accessories when the sun goes down.

Our latest innovation, Juice Bags are versatile, all-purpose daypacks that convert solar power into electricity.

Clean, free electricity everywhere you are, anywhere you go. If energy independence is your bag, pick one up and leave the electrical grid behind.

Full Specifications ::

Size: 15" wide x 18" long x 4.5" Deep
38 x 46 x 11.5cm
Volume: 2500 Cubic inches
Weight: 2.5 lbs/1.5 kilos

- Flexible, high-efficiency, water proof solar panel for generating on-site electricity at rest or on the go.

- Includes Universal CLA/Car Charger Female Socket (inside the media pocket)

- Tough, stop-rip nylon material

- Large padded compartment for comfortable laptop transport

- Interior media pocket houses the adapter socket and gear

- Ergonomic Tri-Carry System: Hideaway Backpack Straps, Removable Shoulder Strap, Top Handle

- Headphone grommet for wire pass-thru

- External mesh water bottle side pocket

- Exterior gadget pocket

- Large main space

- Accessories section with zip and mesh closures and a single-zipper entry to two interior compartments

Power Rating Specifications:
Power 6.3 Watts
Voltage, 16.6 Volts*
Current, 0.325 Amps
Solar Panel Weight 0.45 lb.
Solar Panel Size 12 x 12 x 0.1 inches
*Blocking diode to protect your portable electronics


Specifications**Single Juice Bags Product2 Juice Bags Connected
Cell PhoneRuns or Charges in 2-4 hrs.(depends on CLA)
MP3 PlayerRuns or Charges in 2-4 hrs.Charges in 1-3 hrs.
PDACharges in 2-4 hrs.Charges in 1-3 hrs.
GPSInternal battery 2-4/ rechargeable 1-2Charges in 1-3 hrs.
Portable Video GameRuns or Charges in 2-4 hrs.Charges in 1-3 hrs.
Digital CameraCharges in 2-4 hrs.Charges in 1-3 hrs.
Digital CamcorderCharges in 2-4 hrs.Charges in 1-3 hrs.
Some LaptopsRequire Juice Bags accessory battery
Some Portable DVDCharges in 2-4 hrs.Charges in 1-3 hrs.
4 AAA Ni-M-H Batteries*Charges in 1-2 hrs.Charges in 1-2 hrs.
4 AA Ni-M-H Batteries*Charges in 4-6 hrs.Charges in 2-3 hrs.

* Ni-M-H Nickel Metal Hydride Batteries. Energizer makes a 4 battery charger that includes a CLA adapter that will attach to your Juice Bags product. Ideal for digital cameras that use AA batteries. ** Note: Charge times are average based on testing of several off-the-shelf portable electronics. Some portable electronics require a higher current and may not charge with a single bag.

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