Streaming live sports to mobile devices

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Streaming live sports to mobile devices

Are you a sports addict? Wish you could view your favorite sports team on your mobile device? Well, SmartVideo Technologies and CSTV/College Sports Television have signed an agreement to deliver video and audio programming to mobile devices, such as cell phones, PDAs, etc.

Relatedly, I should mention that CBS announced on Nov. 3 the acquisition of CSTV Networks, Inc. I wonder if the CBS acquisition will have any impact on any sort of mobile TV streaming of any live CBS sporting events? You'd think a traditional broadcast company such as CBS would not support live Internet TV streaming or that they'd at least delay the Internet stream 20 minutes or so just so their traditional broadcast has a competitive advantage. Though I suppose Real offers a pay-per-view streaming live TV package that includes sports events. In fact, a friend of mine streams Yankee games using Real.

Of course, CSTV is also a paid service, so I suppose CBS wouldn't have much to gripe about. In any event, CBS is acquiring CSTV Networks, Inc. for $325 million. The transaction is likely to finish in early January 2006, after certain governmental approvals are obtained, and after the split of Viacom into two separate entities, which is expected by the end of 2005.

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