TomTom Maps Update

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TomTom Maps Update

TomTom finally licenses superior NAVTEQ GPS maps. I say it's about friggin' time! TomTom has one of the best GUI front-ends to any GPS navigation system, but the maps they previously licensed from Tele Atlas plain sucked. Sorry Tele Atlas, but it's true, your maps suck! I was thinking about buying a TomTom Go, but I figured they were still using the crappy Tele Atlas maps, so I waited until TomTom finally realized the superiority of the NAVTEQ maps.

TomTom finally heard the cries of its frustrated users and inked a deal with NAVTEQ.
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Update! 6/21/05 12:21pm
It appears that TomTom is only licensing the NAVTEQ map ONLY for the TomTom Rider (motorcycle GPS) product and not other popular TomTom products such as TomTom Go. I happened to check out Tele Atlas's website and came across a news release stating that TomTom and Tele Atlas signed a 3 year extension through 2007. Say it ain't so! Damn, and I thought just perhaps TomTom Go would finally get good U.S. maps utilizing the NAVTEQ GPS maps. Guess I was wrong. Ah well, I guess this could be a good excuse to go buy a Harley just so I can use TomTom Rider. Ok, maybe not.

NAVTEQ (NYSE: NVT), a leading global provider of digital map data for vehicle navigation and location-based solutions, has signed a license agreement with TomTom, a leading navigation solution provider, to feature NAVTEQ(TM) maps in TomTom's new RIDER product, which is TomTom's first navigation product made specifically for motorcycles worldwide. The RIDER product will be launched later this year. TomTom's selection of NAVTEQ data for the TomTom RIDER product makes the integration of NAVTEQ maps of the United States, Canada and Europe possible across all TomTom navigation solutions. TomTom products will be NAVTEQ map ready following the planned release of the new TomTom RIDER product. This agreement brings together two market leaders. TomTom is well recognized for a range of portable personal navigation devices. Every automobile manufacturer that currently offers a navigation system in Europe and North America uses NAVTEQ maps in one or more of its models, and NAVTEQ is a leading provider of digital maps for the mobile navigation device and location-based services industries. "Making our products NAVTEQ map ready supports our commitment to customer satisfaction. The NAVTEQ brand is the power behind so many well-known navigation solutions. Pairing TomTom and NAVTEQ products together makes certain that our customers have an excellent experience with our navigation products," said Harold Goddijn, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of TomTom NV. "TomTom has grown its market share significantly over several years, particularly in Europe, as it continues to introduce new and improved portable navigation and PDA solutions. We are pleased that NAVTEQ maps will be showcased in TomTom RIDER and expect NAVTEQ maps to help contribute to TomTom's continued success with both consumer and business customers," said Judson Green, President and Chief Executive Officer of NAVTEQ.

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