TUNEWALLET nano iPod nano case

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TUNEWALLET nano iPod nano case

TUNEWALLET nano iPod nano case:ipod nano case

TUNEWEAR has announced a case designed to protect the iPod nano called the "TUNEWALLET nano." The TUNEWALLET nano is a business card sized genuine leather case for iPod nano. (Unfortunately, it's way too late for my iPod, which is severely scratches)

According to Tunewear, the TUNEWALLET nano is made from smooth ultra high quality genuine leather. With the flip-cover closed the TUNEWALLET nano provides protection for your iPod nano against dirt and scratches. There is also a card slot inside the flip-cover to fit credit cards, business cards and more.

It has a hole for headphone jack and of course features a clear windows to protect the iPod nano's screen as well as allow access to the control wheel.

It will be available in October. See TUNEWALLET nano for more information.

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