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TV Remote Jammer

I was just reminiscing with some old friends and we talked about how this one time we played a prank on a friend when we were teenagers. One night, a couple friends and I snuck into the back yard of another friend of ours and we carried a TV remote control with us to attempt to change channels while the friend was watching TV.

Our friend was indeed watching TV and as luck would have it, we had a clear light of sight to the cable box. Ready! Aim Fire! (good thing CableVision standardized on the same remote control!)

The friend was befuddled as we kept changing channels and we even turned the TV off from time to time while trying not to laugh or give ourselves away. Not an easy task as three immature 16 year olds, I tell you!

Well, I was surfing the web for interesting gadgets and came across this little gem - a TV remote control jammer. Yes, it does what its name implies - it blocks remote control signals.
TV Remote Jammer Gadget

Just think of the possibilities! Just when my wife reaches for the remote control to change a Yankee game, UCONN basketball, a Star Trek epsiode, or other important shows, I just activate this puppy!

"I don't know hon why the remote isn't working. Maybe the batteries are dead?" or I could try this excuse, "Maybe you broke it when you knocked the remote off the coffee table while vacuuming?"

Of course, she'd probably catch on after several times of the remote control malfunctioning. But just the satisfaction of avoiding the Oxygen channel for one night would be worth it.

What someone really needs to invent is some device that you can program to send a "TV snow" signal to all the channels you hate. I figure this trick could probably fool my wife at least 20 times or more. That is if she doesn't read my blog...

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