UpBeat Audio's iPod Portable Amplifier

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UpBeat Audio's iPod Portable Amplifier

As if your ears weren't already hurting and experiencing ear tinnitus courtesy of your iPod, a company called UpBeat Audio's new Boostaroo Revolution can amplify the sound even more - up to four times the volume. Not only is it a portable amplifier, but it also enables 3-D surround sound when plugged into any audio player, including the popular iPod Nano. It weighs six ounces, and is about the size of a disposable lighter. They claim that the Revolution is the market's smallest portable amplifier and two-way splitter.


  • Drives two sets of high-end headphones (greater than 60 ohms), or mini-speakers, to share tunes or movies
  • Quadruples the volume
  • Demultiplexes compressed digital music files and images stereo into high-definition 3-channel surround sound

The $79.95 Boostaroo Revolution powers portable players that have a headphone jack, such as: - iPods, including the new Nano, and other MP3 players
  • DVD, CD and satellite radio players
  • Laptops - Pocket PCs
  • Handheld video games such as the Sony PSP, Game Boy or Nintendo DS
  • Motorcycle intercom gear

It is available immediately from http://www.boostaroo.com and begins hitting the shelves later this month at Dr. Bott, ThinkGeek.com, effiliate.com, Airport Wireless, In Motion, AltiTunes, and Hedonics in Canada. UpBeat Audio’s website will announce new retailers as they are added.

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