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Verizon & Microsoft

According to Light Reading, Verizon Communications Inc. (NYSE: VZ - message board) has selected Microsoft Corp. (Nasdaq: MSFT - message board) as the software provider that will power its fiber-based television and video service offering, FiOS TV, both companies are expected to announce later today.

I bet the set top box will eventually embed a Windows thin-client terminal and then Microsoft will let you "rent" software (i.e. Microsoft Office) that you can view on your TV. Think WebTV reincarnate!

Of course, unless you have a large-screen TV or an LCD TV, the fonts might be a bit blurry. Trust me, I know. My 65" TV is connected to a Windows MCE PC and even at that screen-size it's a bit hard to surf the web, read email, etc.

Of course, I'm sure the fonts would be crisper if I had an LCD display as opposed to rear projection light technology.

Still, i can foresee other nifty integration features like instant message popups on your TV or CallerID popups (all available with MCE 2005 by the way).

Check out the full story here:
Light Reading - Networking the Telecom Industry

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