Volvo technology to prevent falling asleep at the wheel

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Volvo technology to prevent falling asleep at the wheel

Volvo Cars has developed a system to prevent drivers from falling asleep at the wheel. The system, called 'Driver Alert', gives an audio warning if the car appears to be losing control. A camera installed on the windscreen measures the distance between the car and the markings on the road surface, while the sensors register the car’s movements.

This is probably an exorbitantly priced extra option. Why not just roll down the window for some fresh blowing air and then blast some Journey, Metallica, Guns N' Roses or Barry Manilow? That's what I do to stay awake. Well, everything except the Barry Manilow. ;)

And besides, aren't Volvos supposed to be like tanks with the best safety records? If you watch any of the Volvo commercials you'd get the impression that if you did fall asleep at the wheel that the vehicle would simply jump the curb, plow through a tree, through a rock wall, and both you and the car would emerge unscathed and unscratched. So sleep all you want to if you're driving a Volvo. You will be A-OK. Trust me...

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