Windows Blackberry device

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Windows Blackberry device

A new PDA product from Symbol Technologies called the MC70 (MC-70?) is launching that is a "ruggedized" Blackberry-like device running Microsoft's Windows Mobile 5.0. Symbol told me, "This is going to be your 'extreme Blackberry' which targets workers that need a device that won't break. It can go into puddles, you can run over the unit with a Humvee, can get trampled on. It targets nurses, UPS drivers, retail salesforce, anyone in transportation & logistics. There is going to be a major cell phone carrier in U.S. and Europe involved on the day of the launch."

They also talked about how this PDA device will give you remote access to your Windows Desktop. Symbol said, "This is a Windows Goes Extreme type thing - you can now access Windows anywhere, not just the desktop. Symbol is really creating a a new category with this device - there's nothing out like this."

The product will launch on January 5th at ShowStoppers in Vegas. I'm going to try and get a photo and then update this post. (Updated! 1/11/05)

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