Winter Wake-up App Wakes You Up Earlier If It Snows

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Winter Wake-up App Wakes You Up Earlier If It Snows

winter-wake-up-app.jpgYesterday, I reviewed Zeo Sleep Manager and now today I came across another interesting sleep app created by Boondoggle called "Winter Wake-up", which wakes you up early if it snows giving you time to shovel the snow off your car, de-ice it, and make the slower commute to work due to road conditions. Now you won't have to tell your boss, "Sorry I'm late. I didn't know it was going to snow".

Winter Wake-Up is a smartphone alarm app automatically checks the weather and wakes you up earlier if it snows. You set the number of minutes to be woken earlier for "frost" (a little dusting) and the number of minutes to be woken up earlier if it snows. Alas, it has limited alarm sound choices and doesn't allow you to pick from your list of music. Next version perhaps.

It's a simple app, but could save you from having to deal with an irate boss for showing up late. Of course, I use the Zeo alarm clock app which runs in the foreground, so hopefully this app runs in the background. However, then the problem is I often close all my running apps during the day if I want to free up memory on my iPhone 4S. If I forget to launch the Winter Wake-up app, unless it supports Push Notifications - and I'm not in Airplane mode - there's no way I'd know about any bad weather. Still, a cool app to try, especially since I live in the Northeast. It's available free for iOS and Android. Check out the video:

Via Lifehacker

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