WITI: Gadget Girls Rule!

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WITI: Gadget Girls Rule!

Women in Technology International (WITI) recently conducted a survey that revealed that that passion for technology transcends gender.

Survey respondents at DigitalLife 2005 in New York were shown nine different high-tech products that will be on sale this holiday season and asked to rank their favorites.  The respondents were asked to rate each product along five categories, including price, wow factor, and usefulness.

Technology wish lists appear to be consistent across the sexes.  The Syntax Olivia flat panel TV crossed the gender lines in its appeal, while the Samsung Digimax camera followed in a close second place, again favored by both men and women.

Other items respondents could choose from included a portable media device, a cell phone, a music player, a digital picture frame and a music player embedded in a headset.

The significant majority of both men and women answered that they would not date anyone who carried a Pocket Protector.  They also agreed that they would never date anyone who couldn't send an instant message.  When asked how they communicated their most romantic feelings, both genders chose face-to-face communications as opposed to email, IM, phone or other technologies.

Finally, both sexes agreed that online is the place to shop, and that the worst part of the holiday shopping season happens when technology is obsolete the instant you bring it home.


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