ZigBee SDIO Card

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ZigBee SDIO Card

C-guys announced today the industry's first ZigBee SDIO card. The card is designed to deliver wireless device-to-device communications for PDAs and Smart Phones. The company will demo its new card at CeBit to show how a ZigBee device can remotely control systems such as home lighting or security systems.

Here's the news release:



The ZigBee SDIO Card Promises to Deliver Wireless Device-to-Device Communications for PDAs and Smart Phones

Hanover, Germany March 10, 2005 - CeBit C-guys, Inc., a global leader in the design and development of SD and SDIO solutions for home, SOHO and SMB applications, today announced the world's first ZigBee SDIO card.

ZigBee is a set of networking, security and application software protocols based on the IEEE 802.15.4 standard - a low-power and low-bandwidth mesh-networking scheme that allows devices to wirelessly communicate with each other without the need of human intervention. Zigbee's low power consumption allows battery-powered devices such as PDAs and handheld computers to easily connect to and control a variety of electronic equipment and networks.

C-guys' new ZigBee SDIO card is designed to control applications in home, industrial and healthcare environments. The company will demo its new card at CeBit to show how a ZigBee device can remotely control systems such as home lighting or security systems. The C-guys ZigBee SDIO technology can also work as a health tracking system or a fault detection network.

"C-guys' new ZigBee SDIO card is opening a new door for consumer electronics devices such as PDAs and smart phones. We are truly excited to offer our customers an SDIO solution that competes with USB or SPI (serial peripheral interface) interfaces," stated Keith Hirayama, CEO of C-guys. "The demand for mobile solutions to meet low-power communication requirements is rapidly accelerating. Our ZigBee solution is the perfect solution to meet that demand."

C-guys' new ZigBee SDIO card includes the company's CG-100 SDIO application interface controller, which is designed to convert an application signal to an SD signal (or vice versa). The ZigBee card boasts of signal ranges of up to 10m in the 2.4GHz band and data rates of up to 200Kbps. The card features Peer-to-Peer communication mode and supports direct application to PDAs or any SD supported hand-held.

Backed by a limited lifetime warranty, the SDIO ZigBee card will be available by mid-March for under $100. For more information on C-guys and its products, please visit the company web site at http://www.c-guysusa.com.

About C-guys, Inc.
C-guys, Inc., based in Japan, is a leading global designer and manufacturer of Secure Digital (SD) controllers, memory cards, adapters and card readers for the home, SOHO and small-to-medium business markets. C-guys' strong industry alliances with leading WLAN chip makers and consumer electronics manufacturers have allowed the company to continue to lead the industry in the development of innovative, versatile and easy-to-use solutions for consumers and businesses alike. For additional information on C-guys, please visit www.c-guysusa.com.

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