George Bush vs John Kerry Debate

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George Bush vs John Kerry Debate

The George Bush vs. John Kerry debate tomorrow has me excited like a kid the night before Christmas. I just can't wait for tomorrow to be here. I'm so giddy these past two days in anticipation of the debates, it's like I'm waiting for the SuperBowl kickoff, or waiting for the tipoff of an NCAA Final Four game (especially when UCONN is in it).

I've never been much into politics, but this year is different and I think it's different for almost everyone. Whether you love Bush or hate em' or hate or love Kerry, the one good thing about this election is perhaps voter apathy will be a thing of the past (at least this year).

I bet a record percentage of people will vote in November. Whether or not the voter turnout will have any "staying power" for future elections remains to be seen. As divisive as this election has become - pro-Iraq war, anti-Iraq war, CBS forged documents, SwiftBoat Veterans, etc., I'm glad to see a renewed interest in politics.

It will be interesting to see how much of an attack dog John Kerry will be during the debates, while still appearing "presidential" and how George Bush handles the attacks while also appearing "presidential" - and of course vice-versa for GW's attacks on John Kerry's record - though I expect more John Kerry attacks.

Only something like 28 more hours to go. I'll be breaking out the popcorn and chips for this one, Atkins-diet be damned!

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