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Ringio Launches Cloud-based 'Rich Calling' Service

April 19, 2010

Today, Ringio launched a new cloud-based service for small and mid-sized businesses which integrates web-based CRM and advanced telephony features. It seems a bit Google Voice-esque, but with some additional advanced CRM functionality. It works with any phone system (mobile, landline, PBX) since it leverages follow-me and call forwarding to reach your phone number. No word on number porting on their website, so I'm not sure if you have to use one of Ringio's phone numbers or if they'll port your existing number to their service.

The core app actually leverages Adobe Air. Here's a screenshot:

Features include:
- Greets contacts by name
- Treats callers according to your priorities (Normal, VIP, Blacklist)
- Remembers who the caller last spoke to
- Knows your office hours and team member availability
- With Ringio Mobile, you have the power of a high end call-center in your pocket
- Hold, transfer, redirect, deflect calls visually while on the road
- Your phone extension travels with you
- Redirect calls to another phone with one click
- All calls, your voicemails, contacts, notes, and team members at your fingertips
- Synchronized in real time with Ringio Desktop and all your team members
- Shared Corporate Address Book - One-click sharing of contacts
- Shared Customer Information -- big prospect, frequent caller, current client?
- Shared Call History - shows who the caller talked to within the company
- Team Presence - lets users know availability of team members
- Shared call-handling responsibilities

Here's the news release:

Ringio Launches New Cloud-Based 'Rich Calling' Service for SMBs

Integrates CRM, Intelligent Routing So Users See History of Interactions With Callers

SAN FRANCISCO - April 19, 2010 --Ringio, a new company founded by a group of long-time SaaS and Telephony Executives, today launched a new service for small and mid-sized businesses that brings them a combination of CRM and telephony functionality that until now has been available only through call centers and enterprise-level telephony systems.
Introduced at the Emerging Communications Conference & Awards (eComm 2010) here, Ringio's Rich Calling service presents calls together with their contextual details, either through the service's desktop client or through its mobile version, which also debuted today for Android-based smart phones.
In studying the needs of SMBs closely, the Ringio team developed Rich Calling as a software as a service (SaaS) with an emphasis on affordability, ease of setup and elegance of presentation on users' screens - whether desktop or mobile devices.

AudioCodes SPS Brings Microsoft OCS Features to Legacy SIP Phones

March 16, 2010

Some very interesting news from AudioCodes with the launch of AudioCodes' SIP Phone Support (SPS) for Microsoft Microsoft Office Communications Server (OCS). AudioCodes is well known for their VoIP gateway products - well think of SPS as a gateway between SIP IP phones and Microsoft OCS. Essentially, AudioCodes' SPS enables connectivity to Microsoft Office Communications Server using standard SIP IP phones, which then adds OCS's powerful UC functionality, including presence into your existing IP phone infrastructure.

You get even more powerful features if you use AudioCodes phones, including support for Microsoft's wideband RTA codec. SPS enables the connection of the AudioCodes 300HD IP Phone Series with Microsoft Office Communications Server, while providing Office Communications Server features, such as enhanced presence, active directory, and support for Real Time Audio (RTA) - Microsoft's high-definition, wideband coder.

Free calls to Ireland for St. Patrick's Day

March 15, 2010

My Irish brethren, rejoice! For free mugs of beer phone calls are upon us this St. Patrick's Day! Truphone is offering free calls to Ireland, USA, the UK, Canada, and Poland all day. Not sure how or why other countries that don't have a large Irish demographic were included, i.e.

Textecution Disables Texting, Email and Web Browsing While Driving

February 24, 2010

Wireless Zone is now offering its customers a free application called Textecution which locks a phones texting capabilities when the user is behind the wheel. The application is targeted towards parents who are concerned about their teen's texting while driving habits. It leverages GPS to detect if you are traveling more than 10mph and then it disables texting, as well as email and web browsing.

Sure, but what if your son/daughter turns off GPS? Or they could sit on their phone to block the GPS signal, then quickly whip it out, text something, then stuff it back under their buttocks.

Truphone Brings Wi-Fi Calling To Nexus One

January 22, 2010

At ITEXPO I learned from Truphone's PR team that they released a new Android application updated to operate on Google's new device.

Here's the news:

Hot on the heels of the release of Truphone's VoIP enabled Truphone for Android application earlier this month, Truphone, the next generation global mobile operator, today announces that it is the first company to provide Wi-Fi calling on the Nexus One device from Google.

Following collaboration with Google, Truphone is pleased to announce that from today, Truphone for Android is compatible with the Nexus One. In addition to compatibility with the Nexus One, the update (version 3.0.2), ensures compatibility with the T-Mobile Pulse, meaning that Truphone is now Wi-Fi compatible with a total of five Android devices.

Karl Good, Director of Applications for Truphone said, "Google has been very helpful in working with the Truphone team to allow us to provide our award-winning solution to the growing number of Nexus One owners. Once again it is a testament to Truphone that we are the first to be able to offer this technology to consumers."

Truphone for Android (version 3.0.2), is available now as a free download in the Android Market

Truphone Comes to Android - But no VoIP over 3G

January 7, 2010

Truphone fans will be happy to hear that the popular VoIP application now works on Android mobile handsets, though support for the new Google Nexus One is coming soon. Truphone's new Android application enables free calls to other Truphone, Skype and Google Talk users  - though only over Wi-Fi and not 3G. 

I don't get why Truphone only works over WiFi. AT&T for example recently announced they were allowing VoIP over 3G applications on the iPhone , including Skype. While running VoIP over AT&T's 3G data connection can have sketchy quality sometimes, it's still nice to have the option. Is Google not allowing VoIP over 3G on their Android devices or has Truphone just not enabled that feature?

D2 Technologies, Beceem & ECS Extend VoIP over WiMAX to Android Smartphones and MIDs

December 2, 2009

Interesting news from D2 Technologies I thought I'd share. They are announcing a partnership with Beceem and ECS to offer a turnkey solution for developing and delivering VoIP over WiMAX smartphones to market running the Android platform.

Full news release after the jump...

fring Brings Video calls to iPhone and iPod touch

December 1, 2009

fring has done it again! A few weeks ago they brought video calls to the Google Android. Then last week they brought video calls to Nokia phones with promises that the Apple iPhone was coming soon.

Well, that day has arrived! You can now have video calls on your iPhone I installed fring on my iPhone and am about to test it.

fring and Skype Video calls on your Mobile Phone

November 25, 2009

Truphone Offers Free Calling on Thanksgiving

November 19, 2009

Truphone is in a giving mood this holiday season, offering free calling on Thanksgiving. Only way to top that offer for Christmas is to pay you to make call on their network on December 25th. Now that would be sweet!

Check out the news:

Truphone to Give Away Free Calling on Thanksgiving
12 hours of free calls to U.S. numbers for Thanksgiving 2009

Truphone, the next generation global mobile operator, today announced that for 12 hours on Thanksgiving 2009 all calls made on Truphone to mobile and landline phones in the United States will be free so that friends and family can call each other to catch up this holiday season.

From noon to midnight UTC, or 7 a.m.

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