Google be Patient? Nah...

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Google be Patient? Nah...

Greg has an interesting post about Google where he thinks the Google developers need to be more patient. Specifically, developers are a little miffed over some bugs in Google Android SDK. I would have to disagree with Greg on this one. Google is the great aggregator of the universe's knowledge (hence the Google Universe). Developers shouldn't have to worry about bugs or syntax in their coding. You should be able to just tell Google what you want it to do and it'll do it for you.

After all, Google reached 'artificial intelligence' sentient status back in 2005. This enables Google to intelligently figure out exactly what you mean even if you didn't say what you meant. (i.e.: Did you mean: terminator)

Heck, I even wrote about how Google became the dreaded Skynet back in 2005.

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