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Google Promotes Blogs and Videos

Google has been integrating video clips into the search results, but now it appears they've added another option to quickly search for videos or blogs with that keyword in mind. I was doing a search on "multi-touch" when I noticed a blue toolbar area on top that had two clickable links - Blogs and Video. Before if you wanted to search the blogs, you had to click the 'more' drop-down box and then choose Blogs - a bit tedious.

Below is a screenshot of Google's home page with my search on 'multi-touch'. I drew red circles and put red text for the important parts. Note: To make the image more manageable I cut out all search results except the 1st one and then cut/paste the bottom of the search results page which displayed the Blog posts results as well. If you recall, Google was featuring Google Groups (newsgroups) at the bottom of the search results. I'm not sure if blogs are replacing the Google Groups.

I tried a few other searches and couldn't duplicate it, so apparently only certain keywords are tripping off these 2 new options.

Update: It appears the blue toolbar changes what options are displayed depending on your search term.

Examples: (Click the hyperlinks of the search terms to view the different blue toolbar results)
trip   - Displays Web, Images
food - Displays Web, Images, News, Blogs, Books
voip - Displays Web, News, Blogs, Groups, Books
sony - Displays Web, Video, Patents (only one that displayed Patents)
cher - Displays Web, Music, Video, Images, News
cindy - Displays Web, Images, Blogs
tom - Displays Web, Images (weird that some common names, i.e. Cindy displays Blogs and others do not)
friday - Displays Web only

It appears Google is using some sort of intelligent algorithm to figure out the context of your search and then display applicable options in the blue toolbar. However, none of these searches I tested displayed the Blog posts results shown in the screenshot below. So whatever algorithm Google uses, it is very picky right now about displaying Blog posts on the main search results page.

Google Web Blogs Video toolbar

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