Google Talk to offer PSTN phone calls?

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Google Talk to offer PSTN phone calls?

A Google Apps multimedia training presentation shows Google Talk with "Show dialpad" in the user interface on Slide 9. It also says "Enter a name or phone number." Currently, Google Talk only lets you dial other Google Talk users, and the Gizmo Project - it doesn't support PSTN dialing, though there are some third-party add-ons that enable PSTN dialing from Google Talk, such as GTalk2VoIP. However, GTalk2VoIP uses their own termination network not one from Google.

So looking at this screenshot taken from an official Google page, can SIP-to-PSTN calling from Google Talk be far behind? How bout free PSTN calling? Google never does anything half-ass and most of their services are free, so I wouldn't be surprised if they leverage their massive fiber network to offer free calling. Now that would be cool!

Hat Tip: Google Blogoscoped

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