Google vs. Microsoft

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Google vs. Microsoft

Did anybody else notice the rainbow colors on Google Talk match the exact same colors as Microsoft's butterfly? Check it out in the screenshots. Both color schemes are exactly the same if you view it from left-to-right (going clockwise in the case of the MSN logo). I should open these up in Photoshop and see if they are the exact same RGB scheme.

Those Google engineers sure do have a sense of humor! B)

Not to mention some serious bravado considering Microsoft is currently suing Google to prevent an employee from jumping ship from Microsoft to Google.

This got me thinking. I knocked Google Talk yesterday for not having emoticons. I wonder if the reason why Google didn't add emoticons to Google Talk was due to Microsoft's emoticon patent filed in July 2005. Can it be that Microsoft scared Google into not including emoticons in Google Talk? Nah, Google's not afraid of Microsoft. Google is just toying with Microsoft. Right Google? ;)

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