Google's Free WiFi?

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Google's Free WiFi?

Rumor is that Google is planning to offer free nationwide WiFi. According to Om's B2Day, San Francisco's mayor Gavin Newsom will hold a press conference today detailing his plans for a citywide WiFi network.

Om comments that this is "adding fuel to our speculation that Google is readying a national broadband network with the hopes of giving away WiFi to everyone in America."

He goes on to explain why he sees some "connections" between Google and a local startup that is deploying the WiFi to make some assumptions that perhaps Google is indeed planning on a nationwide WiFI rollout..

If Google does indeed use its deep pockets to give away "free WiFi" in all the major cities, this could absolutely kill SBC, Verizon, Quest, and a whole slew of broadband data providers.

skibare aptly named his blog VoIP Nuke for his prediction that VoIP would indeed be the "nuclear" weapon of mass destruction that would destroy the carriers.

Let me see if I can take Einstein's theory of relativity here which is related to nuclear reactions to model this "VoIP going nuclear"...
E = M*C2
Death of carriers = Free WiFi*Free VoIP2

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