Microsoft vs. Google the Tit-for-Tat war

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Microsoft vs. Google the Tit-for-Tat war

Two days ago I pondered whether Google would acquire Technorati or finally build their own blog search engine. Just a few hours later from this post, Google announced Google Blog Search. Actually, I planned it that way! ;) Of course, I was not the only one or even the first to wonder why Google hadn't yet offered a blog search engine.

I believe now that Microsoft should acquire Technorati and here's why. First, let's look at the Microsoft vs. Google tit-for-tat war, shall we?

Tit: Google launches Google Adsense
Tat: Microsoft launches MSN Ad Center (which almost no one knows about and rumors are it is going to be sold off)

Tit: Google launches Google Maps
Tat: Microsoft launches MSN Virtual Earth

Tit: Microsoft Launches IM clients: Windows Messenger then MSN Messenger
Tat: Google launches Google Talk

Tit: Microsoft hires Kai-Fu Lee
Tat: Google hires Kai-Fu Lee away from Microsoft
Tit: Microsoft's Steve Ballmer throws chair at f*ing Google :@
Tit: Microsoft sues Google
Tat: Google and Microsoft decide to call it a draw. (CNet)

Tit: Google launches Google Blog Search
Tat: Ok Microsoft, you're turn. Are you going to standby and let Google do this to you? Are you going to let Google own the blog search engine market? C'mon Mr. Ballmer, you're not going take this lying down are you? So what are you going to do Microsoft? What are you going to do Mr. Ballmer? <DUCK! INCOMING!!!>

Buy Technorati.

Sure, Microsoft could do what Google did and build their own blog search engine, but there is one major difference - Google dominates the search engine marketplace, Microsoft does not. Over 80% of web users use Google for their searches, so Google can do what it wants to. Google didn't really need Technorati, though I have to say I am disappointed in the feature-set so far in Google Blog Search - it has nothing on Technorati in terms of features (yet). If Microsoft wants to exact revenge on Google and simultaneously crack the scorchingly hot blogosphere, then they should buy Technorati and incorporate the blog results into MSN Search.

I have to admit I rarely use MSN Search even though they seem to have Google-esqe accurate results - sometimes even more accurate than Google IMO. The only reason why I don't use MSN Search more regularly is because I am just used to Google. Googling has become a habit. If Microsoft were to purchase Technorati and I could get accurate blog search results on MSN Search, it might be enough for me to switch - or at least try MSN Search more regularly.

Google is winning the search engine war by a longshot, so if Microsoft wants to win this tit-for-tat war then it needs to ally itself with successful search companies such as Technorati.

What say you Microsoft?

And Mr. David Sifry, CEO of Technorati, if you use this blog as ammo to get Microsoft to buy you out for Skype-esque like numbers can you throw a few million my way? ;)

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