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Most Excellent (Find) on Google Maps - Wayne & Garth

You can find the funniest and coolest things on Google Maps, Google Earth, and especially Google Street View. There was the possible discovery of Atlantis on Google Earth, and the uncovering of an unknown forest containing undiscovered species in Mt. Mabu. And now with Google's mapping vans touring the world to capture every street in 360 degrees, some interesting sites can be beholden. For instance, in Google Map's Street View Horse-boy was discovered, a strange reverse Centaur that sports a human body with a horse head:
Click image above to see it on Google Maps.

Then we have Angry Norwegians in Scuba gear chasing the Google Street View van for a most hilarious photo capture. Or how bout the two guys scrambling to pose for Google Street View? Classic!

But we may now have the "most excellent" Google discovery ever! Check it out:
Click image above to see Wayne & Garth on Google Maps.

Wayne: Wow, what a totally excellent discovery-- NOT!

Garth: Hey that's us with your ex-girlfriend, Stacy. She's a babe!

Wayne: Ex-squeeze me? That's her? No way!

Garth: Way!

Wayne: She is a babe. Schwing!

Both at same time: "It's Wayne's World! Wayne's World! Party time! Excellent!"

Via The High Definite

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