New Google Adsense graphical ads?

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New Google Adsense graphical ads?

Maybe my eyes have been tuning out Google Adsense advertisements lately, but a new skyscraper graphical Google ad is displaying on my blog today that does NOT look like your typical "graphical" (not text) Google Adsense ad.

In fact, I had no idea it was a Google ad other than that I knew that position in my blog was for Google ads. I took a snapshot of the image ad in question from my home page. I left a portion of my blog text there as a reference point along with a portion of my Vonage ad located just below Google ads. The ad in question is for a company called Essential Telecommunications Corp. Maybe due to the white background it just blends in well with my blog? Who knows? I can't seem to get a different graphic ad to display on my blog, tried refreshing my browser and visiting my subpages, but it keeps displaying this same ad - so I can't test this white background theory. Anyone know? Post a comment.

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