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Share the Google PR Love man!

Good bloggers write regularly on specific topics because it is a passion of theirs. Bloggers also develop a strong community with fellow bloggers that share their viewpoints or write about the same topics. Part of that community involves posting comments on blogs you read, doing trackbacks to interesting blog posts, as well as adding interesting blogs to your blogroll. By adding a link to a blog to your blogroll this not only acts as an endorsement of the outside blog, but it also serves to share you Google PageRank to "friends" of your blog. This helps drive traffic to blogs you deem important, news worthy, funny, pertinent, etc.

Alas, I have been neglectful in updating my Movable Type blogroll for blogs that I read. I have not been sharing the love of my Google PR7. I have sinned against you my fellow bloggers, please forgive me.

I have updated my blogroll to include those I read on a regular basis in my RSS reader. However, it's only fair that I include just blogs that have a blogroll within their blog as well, since I'd like to reward blogs that also participate in the blogging community by sharing the link love. You didn't even have to include my blog on your blog already to make it onto my blogroll. I didn't even bother to look, I just checked to see if you have a blogroll and then add you to my blogroll. This post isn't about me trying to get more links or PageRank. It would be pretty hard for me to hit Google PR8 even with more links. I"m just trying to be a good blogger netizen. But if you are a blogger and do read my blog regularly feel free to share the link love.

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