VoIPGuides Blog DELETED By Google. Why?

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VoIPGuides Blog DELETED By Google. Why?

Vinay Rasam, fellow VoIP blogger over at VoIPGuides.blogspot.com reached out to me to tell me that for no rhyme or reason Google deleted his popular VoIP blog called VoIPGuides and hosted by Google's Blogger/Blogspot. If you attempt to go to VoIPGuides.blogspot.com you will see this error:

I chatted with Vinay Rasam via Facebook to find out what happened. He explained that Blogger accidentally deleted his blog and classified it as SPAM with this message: "Your blog is marked as spam blog by automated classification system"

There is a restore button, which basically sends a support request to Google, but who knows when Google will ever get to it. You can view a cached article page to sample Vinay's content here, showing it's unique content and that he even has commenters. I checked out some of the other cached pages and it appears his website uses Commission Junction affiliate redirect links, but last I checked that's not grounds for a Google ban. Heck, 95% of the Internet would be in deep trouble if affiliate links were not allowed.

Vinay told me, "I have already sent a support request and also posted on their product forums. However, Its been over a week but its still down and it seems no one is bothered."

Some facts about the VoIPGuides blog according to Vinay:

1) The blog has over 48000+ RSS and Email subscribers
2) Widely popular with over 150,000+ pageviews a month
3) Was chosen as Feedburner blog of the day
4) Featured in various online and offline blogs/news publications

Well Google, we know you're only human - though your company is run by thousands of computers. How bout giving Vinay's website a quick review? I can vouch for his VoIP blog. There is no black hat SEO, no link farms, no spamming going on and Vinay has been writing unique content for this VoIP blog for over 6 years!

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