Chitter Chatter GPS tracking phone for kids

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Chitter Chatter GPS tracking phone for kids

Hop-on, Inc. today launched a GPS tracking phone for children that kids wear like a wristwatch. Called the Chitter Chatter phone, they claim it is the world’s smallest GSM / Enhanced Location-Based-Services(LBS) Locator Phone. The Chitter Chatter phone will cost less than $50 and it will simply use the Internet or any phone with SMS capabilities to quickly identify the location of the device within 300+ feet, in approximately 1 minute.

The ChitterChatter Phone allows kids to stay in touch with close family and friends, or send their location by pressing the one-touch star button, while letting parents manage costs. The phone also features a speaker function. Dick Tracy would be proud!

Bands: Tri-band 850 / 1800 / 1900 MHz
Speed Dial: Mom, Dad, Home, 911 & 5 Additional Numbers; 7 Total
ChatTrack: Press the “Track Me” button to send the address of your location to Mom & Dad’s cell phones via SMS message.
Phone Book: PIN-Protected with up to 7 numbers
Call Block: Optionally rejects calls from numbers not in Phone Book
Polyphonic Ring Tones: Included
Location-Based Positioning System
Speaker Phone
Talk Time: Up to 2 hours
Standby Time: Up to 100 hours
Indicator Lights: Yellow, Red, Blue & Green

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