GPS for Nokia Symbian phones

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GPS for Nokia Symbian phones

Destinator Technologies, a provider of personalized navigation software, announced today at the annual Consumer Electronics Show, the general availability of Destinator SP (Smart Phone), GPS-based navigation software for Nokia Symbian Smartphones, such as the popular Nokia 6600 series phones, in North America. It is compatible with Nokia models 3260, 6260, 6600, 6630, 6670, 6680 and 6681.

The Nokia LD-3W Wireless GPS Module is a good add-on GPS for Nokia phones.

I should point out that Destinator SP has already been available for Windows Mobile phones and that they did already have a version of Destinator SP running on Nokia phones - but only with European maps. I've used Destinator's GPS software before. In fact, Destinator 3.0 was my primary GPS running on an iPaq PocketPC until the serial connector on the iPaq started getting flaky. Too many drops into the footwell or dashboard while taking fast lateral-G turns in my vehicles I suppose. I actually just got a GPS replacement - a Garmin 2720 for Christmas. Been meaning to review it actually. In any event, some of the Destinator SP features include:

• Onboard navigation (no server connection necessary)
• Navteq mapping
• 2D and 3D views
• Day and night views
• Calculation of the fastest, shortest, or simplest route
• Motorcycle, Bicycle and Pedestrian modes (for freeway avoidance)
• Visual guidance active during telephone conversations
• "Home" button for one-click directions home
• Transmission and reception of SMS messages with addresses and destinations
• Road segment avoidance

IF you are looking for a standalone Nokia GPS unit (no mobile phone - just the GPS), then check out the Nokia LD-3W Wireless GPS Module on Amazon. Great price!

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