Mio Moov's GPS with Built-In Internet

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Mio Moov's GPS with Built-In Internet

mio-exploreMore.gifMio has recently demonstrated the Mio Moov 380, the first in-car GPS system equipped with built-in SIM card support.

Mio also claimed that the Mio Moov 380 is the world`s slimmest and most compact car navigation device.

In Taiwan, Mio cooperates with major telecoms operator Far EasTone Telecommunications (FET), to offer the device with the exclusive "Mio Life Info. Specialist" real-time search functionality, while FET`s SIM card provides access to the "FET GPS Info--Go Service", which enable consumers to experience a new generation of real-time Internet searches using their in-car GPS system.  

Now why can't we do this here -- and not pay a fortune for it? 

More at China Economic News.

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