Navizon Transforms Cell Phones, Wi-Fi Devices into A GPS Device

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Navizon Transforms Cell Phones, Wi-Fi Devices into A GPS Device

Navizon Transforms Cell Phones, Wi-Fi Devices into a GPS device and leverages P2P for locating your buddies. What I'd really like for this technology to do is use my idea of P2P GPScasting to transmit your GPS coordinates to others in your GPS network (opt-in) for more accurate traffic monitoring. I also wrote about GPScasting here in my GPScasting/roadcasting entry.

In any event, Cyril Houri, founder and CEO of Mexens Technology, announced the hard launch of Navizon, "the world's first software based, peer produced, wireless positioning network." Navizon is a software system which can be loaded onto a mobile device to provide its users with geographical positioning information plus many more advanced customized features. Navizon's innovation arises from the fact that its map is both created, and constantly enhanced, by the users themselves.

Navizon's software is currently compatible with Windows mobile devices and cell phones using the Symbian operating system, and is free for non-commercial use. Navizon members are allowed access to a massive storage and retrieval repository containing highly accurate positioning data which is contributed from members around the world.

Since its inception only three months ago, the Navizon network has grown to over 5,000 users. "The soft launch of Navizon has been successfully tested, and now we are very excited to grow the community even more," said Houri. "Navizon utilizes Wi-Fi and cellular signals to help you find your way around most cities and to provide you with pertinent information about your location. What makes Navizon unique is that the network will continue to expand as the community expands. This shared information is at the very center of what makes Navizon a powerful tool."

Navizon creates a true peer-to-peer network similar in theory to Kazaa, except that Navizon is 100% legal. Navizon has the added appeal of being the first positioning system with content that is not dependent upon a specific carrier.

In addition to providing an accurate positioning system, Navizon includes other features such as the Buddy Tracker, which allows members within a group to share their location with other group members on an opt-in basis.

Navizon also includes a Local Search feature that lets users find businesses located near their current position. "Navizon's network enhances its users' daily experiences, whether it's finding the best coffee house in their neighborhood or facilitating their meeting friends and family. True to the spirit of peer-produced technology, Navizon's value lies in its community and the information shared within," said Houri.

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