Trade your Bluetooth Headset for a Jawbone

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Trade your Bluetooth Headset for a Jawbone

jawboneJust got an email that Jawbone is offering their Jawbone Bluetooth headset in exchange for your current Bluetooth headset. The deal is you visit their booth at CES, give up your old BT headset, Jawbone will smash the competing BT headset into tiny little pieces (for recycling purposes of course) and they'll hand you a brand spankin' new Jawbone. A brand new Jawbone in exchange for my current old Bluetooth headset? Wow! Better run, not walk over to their booth before their headset exchange program is sold out!

Their PR emailed me:

Wanted to give you a heads up in case you or your readers are interested in joining in the free Bluetooth fun at CES.

The CES show floor can be a wild and noisy place – wouldn’t it be nice to be able to hear yourself think?

Give the Jawbone® Bluetooth headset a try. Just swing by the concierge desk in the main hall and you can trade in your old Bluetooth headset for the highest rated Bluetooth headset ever.

When you trade in your old headset, you’ll get a brand-new Jawbone, which will be charged and ready to go. We’ll even set it up with your mobile phone and make sure you get the best possible fit. Your old headset will be recycled and your new Jawbone will let you call from the show floor but sound like you’re calling from the privacy of your hotel room.

Jawbone revolutionizes incoming and outgoing voice clarity with Noise Shield, a military-grade technology that eliminates background noise. Jawbone also improves sound quality by seamlessly analyzing and adjusting microphone and earpiece performance throughout the call. Simply put, Jawbone eliminates noise.

This could come in quite handy for calling from a late-night party!

Please let me know if you have any questions, or if I can provide you with more information about the Jawbone. This opportunity is open to anyone at the show who would like to trade in their old headset – if you’d like to reserve one for yourself, please let me know.

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