AT&T U-verse DVR Throughout the Home

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AT&T U-verse DVR Throughout the Home

AT&TAT&T U-verse customers have been complaining about lack of DVR (Digital Video Recorder) support that works throughput the home. Sure, you can get a single DVR box, but you can't view the recorded (or paused) content in the rest of the house. Part of AT&T's promise with U-verse was that you could watch digitally recorded content stored on a single DVR on any TV in the home. Sadly, this hasn't been the case, but from what I hear they're working on it. You could of course buy or rent a DVR in each room, but that is cost-prohibitive for most, and makes managing your recorded TV shows a nightmare!

Fortunately, there is a DIY workaround that will enable you to view your centralized DVR content (as well as pause rewind/fast-forward live TV) by using a combination of RF coax splitters, IR (Infrared) repeaters, coax balun, Cat5 - RJ11 cable, and more - all using a single DVR set top box.

Essentially, you set your DVR STB (set top box) to SD mode which will allow the STB to output an RF Signal which can then be picked up by other STBs simply by switching to CH (channel) mode. What you've essentially done is output the DVR's signal over RF analog and then switched the remote STB from viewing AT&T's digital channels to viewing the analog channels. See? - sometimes analog TV signals come in handy!  It's too bad Congress mandated that analog TV be completely phased out by 2009. (I'm kidding, all digital will be a good thing)

For the full DIY explanation of how to DVR-enable your entire home with a single DVR - including a diagram - go check out TheDigitalVault.

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