DirecTV Website Outage

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DirecTV Website Outage

DirecTV's website is down. Isn't that just the luck? I have a DirecTV installer here today installing my service and they accidentally signed me up for Spanish TV. While I took 3 years of High School Spanish, I think I'll pass on the Spanish TV. Apparently, the Spanish TV channels use LNB 119 and it requires a 5 LNB satellite dish and I only need a 3 LNB satellite dish. On top of that the technician doesn't have the main network DVR for the family room, so he had to leave and go pick one up. The website has been down for at least a couple hours. Here's the message you see:

As expected, the DirecTV technician also cut my Charter phone line. Unfortunately, this means the technician that left can no longer call the phone number they have on file. I tried logging onto the website to enter my new phone number (magicJack) just in case the technicians have real-time access to customer's phone info, but can't do that with their website down, now can I? crying-animated

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