Disney Censoring God

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Disney Censoring God

Radio DisneyI'm against censorship in all its forms, so I was shocked to learn that Disney, specifically Radio Disney is censoring the word God from its advertising promotions of their soon-to-be-(today) released movie, The Ten Commandments. Disney has always been about good, wholesome, family fun. Heck, their first PG-13 rated movie wasn't until Black Cauldron in 1985. I guess God must not be wholesome enough to qualify as "Disney family-friendly."

The Ten Commandments

 "Our BS&P [Broadcast Standards and Procedures] said Both scripts need to include the studio mention and omit the following line: CHOSEN BY GOD.... Please let me know if you have any questions," reads the e-mail, sent Oct. 2 to Promenade media buyer Casey Baker by Radio Disney Network sales associate Jason Atkinson.

Disney is obviously going after the Jewish and Christian audience with this film, but way to tick em' off with this controversy. The entire film is filled with mentions of the word God. Imagine if the Passion of the Christ was advertised without mentioning the word 'Jesus'. Or if a film promoting World War II didn't mention the Germans, Italians or the Japanese for fear of offending German, Italian, or Japanese Americans. How politically correct have we become that we can't "offend" anybody? Well, I find this 'seemingly' politically correct censorship offensive.

According to Fox News, "Liberty Counsel, a religious issues litigation and Christian advocacy group, has petitioned Radio Disney to reconsider its requirement that "God" be chucked from the spots for the movie."

"It's highly offensive that the family-friendly company Disney portrays itself to be would actually eliminate God from an ad about 'The Ten Commandments,'" said Liberty Counsel's founder and chairman Mathew D. Staver. "How ridiculous can you be? I'm asking Radio Disney to use some common sense and stop censoring this ad."

You can listen to the original and the uncensored version here, along with a petition to have God put back into the ads.

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