Inside, Really Inside the Lego Factory

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Inside, Really Inside the Lego Factory

Anybody want to guess how many Lego bricks are made every year?

How about a clue? Let's say more than 50 million a day?  

Sounds like a lot. And yes it is! To the tune of 19 billion every year. Yes, 19 billion of those little bricks that can build just about anything -- from castles and spaceships to monster and robots.

legotrip.jpg Now Gizmodo is giving us a chance to take a video tour of the factory that makes all of this stuff.

Get this part: "While the storage areas are the most impressive part of the factory, I have to admit that nothing had prepared me for the scope and complexity that is required to make and pack 19 billion bricks every year. The scale of this factory, specially compared to the tiny bricks it produces, is absolutely breathtaking."

Need I say more -- check it out.

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