LT-2006 20" TV and DVD player

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LT-2006 20" TV and DVD player

OPPO Digital LCD DVD Combo Player
OPPO Digital LCD DVD Player Back inputs & outputs
OPPO DVD Player ScreenNo, that's not an iMac G5, but they sure look similar. OPPO Digital, Inc., a consumer electronics manufacturer, on August 1st will release the stylish and sexy LT-2007 20-inch LCD TV and DVD player combination wrapped in a fashionable translucent case.

The LT-2006 is great for television and movie watching in small spaces, such as the kitchen counter. The LT-2007 sports a high quality enhanced definition 20-inch flat-panel LCD TV with a slot-loading DVD player that is built directly into the base. It even plays DiVX files. B) The LT-2007 plays DVD-Video, DiVX, Audio CD, Kodak Picture CD and many other digital audio/video/picture formats, such as CD-R/CD-RW, DVD-R/DVD-RW, and DVD+R/DVD+RW.

It includes several input and output connections, including digital audio output, component video input and VGA. The LT-2007 can be connected to a surround sound home theater system, a PC, a cable box, or a satellite receiver.

“The LT-2007 features one of the highest pixel resolutions for its size combined with a striking DVD player, all packaged as pure eye-candy for entertainment aficionados,” stated Nathaniel Plain, Manager of Technical Service at OPPO Digital.  “With its convenient adjustable base, the LT-2007 is right at home whether watching TV,  DVDs, playing the latest video games, or displaying precious family photos through the built in flash card reader, it is ideal anywhere.”

It also has a built-in 181-channel NTSC tuner with automatic station searching and fine tuning.  Additionally, digital 3D comb filters deliver stunning color reproduction and enhanced picture resolution and sharpness.  Convenience features incude last channel recall, sleep timer, headphone jack and a cradle for the remote control.

Available from OPPO Digital and authorized resellers for $599.00. 

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