Millennials Rule!

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Millennials Rule!

Not too surprising to find out that no other group of consumers will have as profound an impact on the media business over the next 10 years as the "Millennial Generation," today's 9- to 28-year-olds. (This from Frank Magidpresident and CEO of Frank M. Magid Associates, at the annual Promax conference in New York City.)

Today, this group numbers 79 million, one million more than the Baby Boomers in this country, and have grown up using multiple media platforms at the same time. Millennials consume 20 hours of media a day, but that is all done within 7 hours of clock time.

(As any parent who has seen their kids emailing, IMing, iPoding, watching TV and doing their homework at the same time will easy know.)

All of this will affect the future opportunities that we all will have to consume media (do we ever get too full?)

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