Moving Music Around the House Just Got Easier

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Moving Music Around the House Just Got Easier

The all-in-one home media center in one central location with different media streaming to different rooms in the house is the Holy Grail of home entertainment. The problem has always been that it's just too difficult to do.

Linksys and Yahoo! have developed a new plug-in for the Yahoo! Music Engine that works directly with the Wireless-G Music Bridge (WMB54G), which retails for $99, that enables users to stream music directly to a home stereo with the click of a button on the Yahoo! Music Engine interface.

Sitting by your home stereo, the Wireless-G Music Bridge connects to it using standard consumer electronic cables.  It also connects to your home network by Wireless-G wireless networking or via standard 10/100 Ethernet cabling.  Software creates a virtual sound system in your PC, which sends the Yahoo! Music audio output to the Music Bridge and the stereo system.

The free Yahoo! Music Engine music management software and Yahoo! Music Unlimited subscription service can be accessed from Yahoo! will be providing a $20 rebate on the Wireless-G Music Bridge when users sign up for a one year subscription to Yahoo! Music Unlimited.

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