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How Many NYC Marathons with Nike+?

November 3, 2006

With the New York City Marathon this weekend -- Sunday to be exact -- got to wondering how many runners will be equipped with MP3 players to pass the time (does add a bit of weight, though).

That thought then moved on to how many runners will be get up with Nike+ shoes, the Nike+iPod Sport Kit and an iPod Nano? This is the setup that puts the iPod in the shoe (could cause a bit of a balance problem, eh?).

Bet the top runners won't be passing the time this way, but would make mucho sense to go the mobile music route for the marathoners out for the fun of it.

Rimax Mystic VoIP MP3 player

October 27, 2006

The Rimax Mystic is a new MP3 / MP4 and video player that also doubles as a VoIP phone using it's built-in microphone. You connect it to your PC via USB and the Mystic becomes a VoIP phone. Technically it's just another USB audio device with both speaker and microphone that can be used b yany application - whether it be Skype or listening to iTunes.  In addition to being able to play your PC audio, and use it as a microphone device for VoIP applications, it recharges while connected to the USB port.

Unsigned Artists Get Their Own Upload Site

October 24, 2006

I used to have a lot of fun looking throught the cut-out bins at record stores for LPs by artists that looked or sounded interesting.

(Does anybody know what I'm talking about?)

And I used to find some good albums and artists that I might not have ever heard about.

Now, in a similar vein but with a modern twist,, a free music promotion site that features MP3 music uploads, and Musicgrams, have entered into an online artist promotion and revenue sharing partnership with

Lost: One iPod

October 23, 2006

An Apple a Day Doesn't Keep the Doctor Away: iPods with a Virus

October 19, 2006

'iPhone' Phone Home: Apple Wants You

October 17, 2006

 It's always fun to read AppleInsider for the latest news, buzz and rumors of what's going on inside the core of Apple Computer.

Well, it's not a surprise to many of us (I expect) to read today about Apple seeking the rights to the iPhone trademark. (Love to add this little symbol after the word ...

I Can Hear Clearly Now: HD Radio Rebates

October 16, 2006

It would be really great to be able to sit in the car and hear great, high-quality, static-free radio.

Well, those (don't have to be a subscriber) days are coming clsoer and closer.

In a play to make HD radios more affordable, including tabletops and car adapters, iBiquity is discounting models by up to $50, lowering the costs of some receivers to less than $200.

Get in Gear with iPod Pouches

October 9, 2006

WaterField Designs has come up with some winning, innovative pouches to hold your iPod -- and all the rest of your gear for that MP3 player or just plenty of your other stuff.

It's very nice that the scrambling around to find all your iPod gear is now a thing of the past.

An assortment of padded compartments keeps your iPod – no matter what size or style –and iPod accessories secure and tangle free.

Tower Records: Bye-Bye

October 9, 2006

Take the Fifth -- Beethoven's Fifth ...

October 5, 2006

Free classical music downloads of Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony launch The Philadelphia Orchestra’s online music store.

(I like it!)

The Philadelphia Orchestra is the first major American orchestra to offer consumers the opportunity to download recent and archival music directly through its own website.

Also available for purchase in the store are the other Beethoven symphonies recorded under Christoph Eschenbach during the 2005-06 season, selections from the Orchestra’s highly acclaimed Centennial Collection with works conducted by the great maestros of Philadelphia – Stokowski, Ormandy, Muti and Sawallisch -– and pieces recorded during the past six years.

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