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TuneFlow: Your Choice

October 4, 2006

Sites were you can download music for free is far from a new idea, but at least TuneFlow is taking a novel approach with its support of indie music.

TuneFlow's "Music to the Ears: Tune Tournament" lets us (we the people) decide the best new songs on its web site.

Better yet (mostly), all tournament songs are available for free downloading. The songs are already in iPod-ready MP3 format, and there's no DRM.

Zune 11/14 @$249.99

September 28, 2006

U2 iPod Gets an Update

September 22, 2006

Who'll Gimme a Price on a Zune?

September 21, 2006

How Much Is That Zune in the Window?

September 19, 2006

Griffin's Got the Power (iPod Road Power)

September 14, 2006

Griffin Technology offers oodles of products for the iPod -- not a bad way to run a business!

The PowerBlock Travel is the ultimate travel pack; it can charge your iPod wherever you go. The twin flat-blade, non-polarized prongs fit into any twin-prong outlets -- ideal for international use, but, more importantly (or "at least"), the package includes adapters that cover every kind of AC connection you'll encounter in your globe trekking. PowerBlock handles voltages from 110 to 240 AC, converting seamlessly to the 12 Volt DC that you (actually your gadgets) need.

What's more, the PowerBlock Travel includes a Griffin dock connector cable for your iPod.

Crucial's Got Flash (Memory) & Much More: 10 Years After

September 13, 2006

Memory companies hold a funny place in the world of gadgets -- they provide an essential component to PDAs, MP3 players, smart phones, digital cameras and the like -- yet they are essentially invisible.

And while branding does play a role in consumer's purchasing decisions in this area, very often price is the determining factor when faced with competing products in clam shell cases hanging from retailers' display racks.

All this leads to a note about Crucial Technology celebrating its tenth anniversary this year. 

Sneak a Peak Inside Today's Big Apple Event

September 12, 2006

iPod Becoming Uncool?

September 11, 2006

Universal's Making Music Free (With a Catch ...)

August 31, 2006

Looks like today's blogging is all about more and more.

Now we have Universal Music, home to artists such as U2, planning to make its catalog of recordings and music videos available for free on an ad-supported Web site that will launch later this year.

According to the buzz, will split advertising revenue with the recording company.

Users can download an unlimited number of songs or music videos if they register at the site.

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