Near Simultaneous 'Bubble' Release: Film, TV, DVD

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Near Simultaneous 'Bubble' Release: Film, TV, DVD

Did you hear about Bubble, the new film from Steven Soderbergh (Sex, Lies, and Videotape), that's opening tomorrow? Seems that it's going to be released in theaters the same day it's available on HDNet, the movie channel started by Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban (he who knew when to cash in his Internet chips at the right time, speaking of bubble).

Even more interesting is the fact that is will be available on DVD only a few days later, rather then the usual few months (or more) later, when you've forgotten all about the movie -- or can't remember it's name when you're at your local video store.

Will be a good test to see if film or HD viewers go for the DVD too or if viewers just go for the DVD instead. Will there be more film/DVD or HDNet/DVD combinations? Will there be any film/HDNet/DVD combinations?

Just think of the endless possibilities as we get more screens, such as cell phones ...

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