Polar Bears + Not-so-indestructible Cameras = Pure Entertainment

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Polar Bears + Not-so-indestructible Cameras = Pure Entertainment

The BBC's popular BBC show Top Gear collaborated with superspy James Bond's friend and co-worker Q to create not-so-stealthly spy camera gadgets masquerading as chunks of ice designed to spy on polar bears. One of the spy cams Blizzard Cam glides on skis powered by 2 propellers and can reach 40mph. You would think a cam that travels 40mph would have no problem outrunning a polar bear. Well, you would be wrong.

There is also Snowball Cam, a spherical camera designed to survive immense pressures and is designed to get in close to the polar bears. Blizzard Cam is sort of like a mothership carrying Snowball Cam and deploying it at a safe distance - or using it as a decoy to get away from charging polar bears. Silly BBC should know there is no safe distance between your spy cam gadgets and a polar bear!

These high-tech cams were no match for the polar bears which met with an untimely death by some polar bears who played soccer with Snowball Cam before one of them crushed it, while another tore apart Blizzard Cam. Another cam, Iceberg Cam, also met an early demise. Yet another tried to hide under some snow, but the polar bears were onto this tactic and was quickly uncovered with one swipe of the paw.

The BBC show, sure to win an Emmy, is called Polar Bear: Spy on the Ice. (website here)

Watch the two videos and be entertained!

And watch this 3rd one where the polar bear Pwns Snow Cam. If you ask me, James Bond's friend Q should have installed some rocket launchers. That'll teach those polar bears some manners! Ok, ok, that's cruel. How bout some tranquilizer darts? Knock-out gas? smiley-wink

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