Roxio's Media Creator 8 Does All Things Digital

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Roxio's Media Creator 8 Does All Things Digital

Roxio’s Easy Media Creator 8 now makes it possible to do all things digital within a single software suite -- organize, edit, share, preserve and enjoy digital music, movies, photos and data.

Creator 8 seamlessly merges the capabilities of Roxio’s complete line of well-established, full-featured digital media applications, including Creator Classic, PhotoSuite and VideoWave, with powerful Sonic technologies and applications including the next-generation MyDVD, which has been redesigned to deliver the perfect balance of power and ease. 

The new MyDVD Express guides new users through the quick completion of authoring projects, while the full-featured MyDVD application offers advanced capabilities and controls for creating sophisticated multi-menu projects.

Let’s take a look at some of the features that I found particularly useful.  DVD Music Disc is a revolutionary way for users to access and enjoy up to 50 hours of Dolby Digital quality music in the comfort of their home.  DVD Music Disc allows users to put as many as 65 albums onto a single DVD for playback via a set-top DVD player.  The resulting DVD Music Disc can include original album artwork, DVD menus and easy navigation that is automatically organized by track, artist, genre, album and even year.

In Easy Media Creator 7.5, Roxio introduced LP and Tape Assistant, an easy way to import analog audio to digitize LPs, cassette tapes and capture streaming Internet audio for disc, PC or portable MP3 players.  While the conversion process was automated, users had to manually add such “tagging” information as artist, album, track and genre.  Easy Media Creator 8 changes this with a revolutionary feature that analyzes and identifies the track and adds the appropriate tagging information automatically.

Easy Media Creator 8 also introduces the easiest way to securely access and share digital media files in a home network.  With support for UPnP, users can easily access media files in Easy Media Creator 8’s Media Manager application from any UPnP compliant device, such as a set top box or any other computer running Easy Media Creator or Microsoft’s freely distributed Windows Media Connect software.  Users connect devices in a home network by simply establishing permissions between devices.

Easy Media Creator 8 now supports the most popular HD formats to allow users to import and edit HD content.  Content can be captured from HD camcorders, HDTV shows or DivX HD files and then edited in VideoWave.  Users can save the results in Standard or High Definition formats.  With DivX HD, Roxio also permits users to create HD video projects that can be saved as DivX HD files and burned on to standard DVDs for playback on DivX HD compliant DVD players.

The suggested retail price is $99.95 and a rebate may be available.

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