Sony offers Camcorder Trade-Up Program

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Sony offers Camcorder Trade-Up Program

Sony announced a camcorder trade-up program.  According to Sony, "You can trade in that old camcorder, help the environment, and receive Sony credit. Use the credit for a brand new Sony camcorder purchased online at They have an online estimator to get your estimated trade-up value. I have an old HI-8 myself, which I rarely used, but now with a baby imminent, I'm sure I'll be breaking out the camcorder. At which point, my penchant for wanting to have the latest and greatest gadgets will kick in and I'll buy a digital camcorder with direct to DVD burning. Though, I have to research this "direct to DVD burning" technology. Just seems unreliable to have a camcorder using a laser to burn to a spinning DVD while you are moving the camera. Maybe they have some high-tech Star Trek stabilizers to counteract movement and gravitational displacement in these new fandangled camcorders? Here's some sample trade-in pricing.

  Camcorder Type Typical Value for Range for other Mfgs Typical Value for Sony Products
  VHS & VHS-C $0 - $50 -
  8mm and HI-8 $0 - $50 $25 - $100
  Digital-8 $50 - $150 $75 - $200
  MiniDV $50 - $1000 $75 - $1000
  MicroMV - $250 - $600
  MD - $250 - $350
  DVD $125 - $350 $125 - $400

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