TiVo cuts off American Idol Finale

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TiVo cuts off American Idol Finale

American IdolAmerican Idol fans that didn't watch the finale live are shocked to learn their TIVos didn't record the last 6 minutes of last night's American Idol finale. The finale ran a bit long - 10 minutes according to my calculation, but some TiVo users do pad in a little extra time at the end which might account for the slight discrepancy (6 min vs. 10 min).

Apparently not enough "padding time", since a few of my fellow co-workers are peeved they didn't get to see Jordin Sparks get the nod over Blake Lewis. Yes TiVo users, you missed out on Jordin Sparks emotional and tearful acceptance and her final song on the show. At least one American Idol fan was instead watching the popular Lost TV series and set American Idol to record.

Moral of the story: Always watch live TV shows since there is a chance it could go long and set pre-recorded TV programs to record on your TiVo.

Well, if you missed the final minutes of the finale, you can click here and download the finale from The Pirate Bay using a Bittorent client.

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