TiVo Mobile - what's the point?

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TiVo Mobile - what's the point?

TiVo added another remote programming option called TiVo Mobile - a partnership between TiVo and Verizon Wireless that allows subscribers to remotely schedule DVR recordings from their mobile phones. What's the point?

Seriously. TiVo already lets you schedule recordings from your computer with Internet access if you forget to record something. Internet access is pretty ubiquitous, so do you really need the ability to schedule a recording from your cell phone? If you forgot to record American Idol or some other TV show and you don't have Internet access, then how bout waiting till it comes on re-run, or go read a book and forget about your precious show you missed. If you really must watch the TV show you missed, then just head on over to TorrentSpy and download the damn thing and quit your whining.

Now if TiVo Mobile enabled remote streaming of your TiVo recording then this would be interesting news.

TiVo Mobile will be available beginning in the summer 2006.

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